You can become an IPTV reseller! As a Sky9TV reseller, you'll have access to our reseller panel, which is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate the management of your sales. Here's how our reseller panel works:

  1. Initial Setup: Once you sign up as a reseller, you'll be given access to the reseller panel. This panel allows you to create and manage your customer accounts.

  2. Credits Purchase: To start, you'll need to purchase credits. These credits are used to activate or renew subscriptions for your customers. The more credits you buy, the lower the cost per credit.

  3. Creating Accounts: Using the reseller panel, you can create new accounts for your customers or extend their existing subscriptions by deducting credits from your account.

  4. Pricing Flexibility: You have the freedom to set your own pricing for the subscriptions you sell. The difference between what you charge your customers and what you pay for the credits is your profit.

  5. Support and Training: Sky9TV provides support and training to help you understand the panel and answer any questions you might have about our service and reselling it.

  6. Monitoring and Management: The reseller panel also offers tools for monitoring your sales, active subscriptions, customer management, and more, enabling you to effectively manage and grow your IPTV business.

If you're interested in becoming a reseller or want more detailed information, please contact us, and we'll guide you through the process and provide all the necessary details to get started.

EPIC IPTV Server Reseller

EPIC IPTV Server Reseller

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