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Internet Protocol television (IPTV) represents a modern system for delivering television services over the Internet, diverging from the conventional methods of terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV enables the streaming of media in smaller segments directly from the source. Consequently, a client media player can commence playback of the data, such as a movie, even before the complete file has been transmitted. This process is commonly referred to as streaming media.

Our services are meticulously designed to be compatible with a wide array of devices and applications. Our IPTV servers seamlessly integrate with the following devices: all Mag Infomir Devices, all Dreamlink Devices, all Formuler Devices, all Avov Devices, all BuzzTv Devices, all Nvidia Shield Devices, all Smart-TV Devices, all Android Devices, all Firestick & FireTV Devices, all Apple iOS Devices, Kodi Apps & Devices, as well as all Windows Devices And Much Much Much More! Enjoy uninterrupted streaming across various platforms and devices with our versatile IPTV services.

No subscription is necessary to enjoy our services. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device to begin streaming our IPTV programming instantly. Delight in the simplicity and convenience of accessing premium content without the need for any subscriptions. Experience hassle-free, seamless streaming whenever you desire.

To achieve optimal performance, we recommend a high-speed internet connection with unlimited bandwidth. The minimum required download and upload speeds should be at least 25 Mbps. Our services are compatible with various types of internet connections, including DSL, ISDN, FIOS, Cable, Wi-Fi, and Satellite broadband, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted streaming experience.

If you're encountering any issues with your IPTV6000 service, rest assured, we're here to help. Please visit our contact page and send us an email with your order number. Our dedicated support team will assist you with any challenges you're facing, whether it's resolving connection issues or aiding in the setup of your application or hardware device. At Sky9TV, we're committed to providing you with a seamless viewing experience.

We offer support for a variety of convenient payment methods, including Credit Cards, Bank Wire, Interac Email Money Transfer, and Crypto. Take advantage of the opportunity to save extra money based on your preferred payment method. Enjoy the flexibility and security of choosing the payment option that best suits your needs. 

  • All Prices in Canadian Dollars

Upon completing your order, your Sky9TV service will be promptly delivered to your provided email on the very same day. To ensure a smooth delivery process with Sky9TV, please double-check that the email address entered is accurate. Additionally, kindly check your spam folder in case the Sky9TV email does not immediately appear in your inbox. At Sky9TV, we strive to make your experience seamless and hassle-free.

Your Sky9TV service will be activated immediately upon order completion and verification, typically within 2 to 12 hours, depending on the payment method used. Our dedicated Sky9TV team ensures swift processing, guaranteeing that all orders are promptly attended to on the same day. Enjoy a seamless and efficient activation process with Sky9TV's reliable service.

Although our team is spread across different states and provinces in North America, Sky9TV primarily operates online and does not serve local clients in person. We focus on online orders to provide a seamless experience for our customers, regardless of their location. Rest assured, Sky9TV's virtual presence enables us to efficiently serve clients from various regions, eliminating any geographical barriers.

At Sky9TV, we prioritize the security and privacy of our clients. We adhere to stringent data protection policies and only retain essential client information, such as contact names and emails, necessary for IPTV service communication and provision. Our strict non-disclosure policy ensures that our client's personal information remains confidential and is never shared with third parties. Rest assured, your privacy and trust are of utmost importance to us at Sky9Tv.

Our policy at Sky9TV is designed to provide a smooth and reliable IPTV experience for all users. Once you are successfully connected to our Sky9TV server and have access to our channels, we do not offer refunds. We ask our users to avoid any misuse of our system or servers to maintain a quality viewing environment for everyone. Any abuse will lead to an immediate ban and removal from our server without notice.

Refunds are considered only in exceptional circumstances where our professional Sky9TV support staff and administrators are unable to resolve an issue, even with telephone support. We encourage a cooperative environment and prefer that users communicate directly with us for any concerns, rather than initiating credit card disputes. Our primary aim at Sky9TV is to collaborate with you to ensure a seamless streaming experience.

Due to the recent abuse of our free trial system, Sky9TV has introduced a paid trial to ensure quality service for all users. The trial now costs $3.00, providing 3 days of access to our Epic Server or 24 hours for our Pyramids Server. If you choose to continue with us after the trial, the $3 fee will be refunded or applied as a credit toward your next renewal. This change, though regrettable, was necessary to maintain the integrity of our services.

Yes, you can become an IPTV reseller! As an Sky9TV reseller, you'll have access to our reseller panel, which is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate the management of your sales. Here's how our reseller panel works:

  1. Initial Setup: Once you sign up as a reseller, you'll be given access to the reseller panel. This panel allows you to create and manage your customer accounts.

  2. Credits Purchase: To start, you'll need to purchase credits. These credits are used to activate or renew subscriptions for your customers. The more credits you buy, the lower the cost per credit.

  3. Creating Accounts: Using the reseller panel, you can create new accounts for your customers or extend their existing subscriptions by deducting credits from your account.

  4. Pricing Flexibility: You have the freedom to set your own pricing for the subscriptions you sell. The difference between what you charge your customers and what you pay for the credits is your profit.

  5. Support and Training: Sky9TV provides support and training to help you understand the panel and answer any questions you might have about our service and reselling it.

  6. Monitoring and Management: The reseller panel also offers tools for monitoring your sales, active subscriptions, customer management, and more, enabling you to effectively manage and grow your IPTV business.

If you're interested in becoming a reseller or want more detailed information, please contact us, and we'll guide you through the process and provide all the necessary details to get started.

At Sky9TV, we are dedicated to making your streaming experience as effortless, enjoyable, and user-friendly as possible. Our platform offers straightforward video tutorials and detailed how-to guides to ensure you can start streaming quickly and easily. With our expert guidance, navigating our system is a breeze for anyone. Rest assured, Sky9TV is here to support you at every step.

Our four Sky9TV servers – IPGUYS, Paremyd, Aladdin, and EpicTv – each provide unique features and a diverse range of high-quality channels and streaming options. Your selection can be tailored to your personal viewing preferences. Depending on the server chosen, you have the opportunity to access 4K Ultra High Definition Channels, enhancing your viewing experience with exceptional clarity.

We encourage you to explore our user-friendly and detailed channel lists to find the server that best meets your entertainment needs. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our Sky9TV team is eager to assist you in optimizing your streaming experience.

πŸš€ Elevate Your Viewing Experience with EPIC IPTV SERVER - Your Ultimate IPTV Subscription! 🌟

Dive into a world where clarity meets reliability! Presenting the EPIC IPTV SERVER - an IPTV subscription that stands out in the galaxy of entertainment. With a staggering 99.9% UPTIME, prepare for an uninterrupted journey through an array of channels and content.

🌐 Vast Universe of Channels: Immerse yourself in a colossal selection of over 5000+ PREMIUM LIVE TV Channels and VOD. From the enchanting landscapes of Africa to the vibrant streets of the United States, our channel galaxy spans across numerous countries including Afghanistan, Albania, Arab Nations, Bangladesh, and beyond, catering to every taste and preference.

πŸ”₯ Stellar Quality: Experience your favorite shows in mesmerizing SD, HD, and FHD. Every pixel is a testament to our VERY FAST SERVER, ensuring your entertainment is not just watched, but felt.

πŸŽ₯ Vibrant Video On Demand (VOD): Dive into a sea of choices with our VOD library. From the latest English blockbusters to timeless classics, from adrenaline-pumping sports to delightful kids' content - we've got it all, and then some!

πŸ“‘ Device Compatibility: Whether you're a fan of the MAG BOX series, a PC or Mac connoisseur using Kodi or VLC, an Android aficionado, or an Amazon Fire enthusiast, we're ready to beam our content directly to your device of choice.

πŸ›Έ Adults Channels Extravaganza: Explore our exclusive selection of Adult Channels, offering content that transcends the ordinary.

πŸ“ Before Launching: Post-payment, catapult your viewing experience by providing us your Mac Address and device details. Our mission control can't kickstart your journey without this crucial data.

🚫 Mission Guidelines: Note that this odyssey is a subscription-only venture - no physical entities involved. Due to the unique nature of our service, refunds are a no-go once your subscription is activated. Remember, one device per account to keep the experience pristine.

πŸ”’ A Friendly Heads-Up: Our IPTV service is a cosmic ride through channels managed by distant third-party celestial bodies. This means we're at the mercy of the cosmos for service and content, potentially leading to the occasional asteroid belt of buffering or channel fluctuations.

πŸ’‘ In Summary: If the unpredictable nature of the IPTV cosmos gives you pause, this adventure might not be for you. But if you're ready to embrace the vastness of premium content with a touch of the unknown, EPIC IPTV SERVER is your ticket to the stars!

🌟 Ready to Ignite Your Viewing Experience? Inform us about your chosen device post-payment, and let's launch this epic journey together!

πŸš€ Embark on Your Epic IPTV Adventure Now! πŸš€

IPGUYS Server "🌟 Over 20,000 Channels! 🌟 πŸ“± One Device, One Connection! πŸ† Premium Sports & All PPV Events! 🎬 Daily Updated Movies & TV Series! ⚑ Same Day Activations! 🀝 Dedicated Client Support! βœ… 100% Guaranteed Uptime!"

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